Technical Services for Mixing and Process Control

Single Step Mixing Technology

SSM one-step rubber mixing technology is a revolution in domestic rubber mixing technology. This technology uses a combination of internal mixer and open mill to complete the final mixing step of the rubber compounds. Furthermore, considerable improvements in terms of product performance and production efficiency and an impressing reduction in the usage of energy could be realized with it.

As a result of this technology, TTA was awarded in 2014 with the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award.

Patent number:ZL 2010 1 0522908.0


High Quality

High filler dispersion; high raw rubber strength, compound create stable fluidity and quality.


Low Energy

Saving about 10% during one mixing cycle.

High Efficiency

Maximum compound production capacity with an output of 200t/day.

Low Cost

Reduce labor costs and rubber storage area by 50%; save master batch storage and management cost.