Tire Manufacturing Plant Complete Solution

Tire Manufacturing Plant Complete Solution

Our company participated in the planning, construction and commissioning of nearly ten new plant projects and our specialists are experts in product planning, process layout, process equipment selection, equipment commissioning, trial production, post-commissioning process management and other related tasks. We are in a unique position to provide our customers with complete solutions for the construction of new production trains, plant units or entire plants.
New Greenfield plants

New Greenfield plants

1. Factory Design
2. Product Selection
3. Power plan
4. Process selection


Overall Plan

TTA provides the complete plant design and the planning of all product lines with regard to the actual situation of the customer's factory situation.

Process Equipment Planning

Customers are provided with a reasonable equipment selection and equipment layout as well as with a determination of the amount of equipment and a list of tooling equipment needed.

Power plan

Planning of all utility requirements (including power station, water, electricity, wind, steam, air conditioning, etc.)

Delivery package

Part of the package is a plan for product planning, all process flow charts, equipment lists of each process and technical parameters of the tooling equipment.
Improvement of Existing Tire Manufacturing Plants

Current tire factory improvements

1.Modernization of existing equipment
2.Production capacity and process equipment improvement
3.Quality and performance improvement
4.Productivity improvement