Process Management

Process Management

TTA has accumulated substantial technical experience in quality control, capacity optimization, and uniformity management which is based on process quality control methods used in the world's best tire manufacturing plants. These are adjusted to fit the actual situation of any domestic manufacturing plant. We expect that with TTA’s technology, our customers are able to produce resource-saving and profitable high-performance tire products of the best possible quality.


Tire Manufacturing Plant Engineering Audit:

Professional process audit team with extensive process control experience and unique perspective of engineering auditing; Provide professional optimization solutions for plant process controls and quality improvements.

Productivity Increase:

In house-developed method for calculating the production capacity of each piece of equipment of the tire manufacturing plant; accumulated extensive practical experience in the improvement of the mixing cycle time, calendaring speed, extrusion capacity, building capacity, and curing capacity matching the production capacity of each project under the existing equipment conditions and to reduce the impact of bottlenecked processes.

Silica Mixing Technology:

Highly advanced level of our formula and mixing technologies, years of continuous research and an immense experience resulted in our silica mixing process. We provide a comprehensive plant diagnosis, from the formula and the process to the individual pieces of equipment to optimize the overall tire and processing performance.

UF&DB Management System:

Extensive experience in the successful set up of the world's most advanced factory UF & DB Management System; Practical experience conducting UF & DB upgrades in many domestic tire factories; and establishing a suitable UF & DB Management System for various other factories.

Appearance Improvement:

Substantial experience in using various types of equipment in tire manufacturing plants; Familiar with quality key control points during tire manufacturing; Identify the causes of various engineering defects, and be able to quickly and accurately propose improvements for even the most advanced problems in tire manufacturing plants.

Conductive Strip technology:

Accumulated comprehensive experience in the implementation of conductive strips; Expert in the selection of extrusion equipment and the optimization of existing equipment; we propose the best implementation plan according to the actual situation of the plant.