Development of High-performance Technology Products

High Performance Tire

With our world-leading tire technologies and a professional R&D team, we provide customers with R&D and design of high-performance products such as HP, UHP, SUV, LT, RACE, MUD, SNOW, ALL CLIMATE, 4 × 4.
After more than ten years of development, TTA achieved many breakthroughs in product design and successfully developed EU AA-class tires, racing tires, all-climate tires, etc.

European standard AA tires

Tires meet EU label AA rating,?Rolling Resistance is 6.478kg/t,Wet grip is 1.58G.Reach the highest level in the EU tire label regulations

Specification:225/60R 16 FRD 16


A large number of sipes in the main pattern gives the tread an excellent rigidity, which greatly improves the driving safety performance in rainy days, increases fuel efficiency and reduces noise.

Innovative Technology

1.Specialized patterns increase performance

Four longitudinal drainage grooves provide excellent drainage performance and effectively prevent tires from skidding sideways in rainy weather. Straight central ribs in combination with smaller lateral grooves increase tire stability and deliver excellent acceleration and braking behaviorwhen driving at high speeds.

2.Environmental protection and wear resistance, increased tire lifespan

Edge design of main lateral groove in corporates side shearing, preventing the tire block from warping when driving at high speed, effectively preventing abnormal wear, while increasing tire lifespan.

3.Rolling resistance and wet driving balance formula design

Comprehensive use of 5th-generation soluble polystyrene butadiene, ultra-high-content white carbon black, new silane coupling agent design and mixing technology.

Drifting Tires


Extreme acceleration and aggressive driving of racing cars put very high demands on the grip and driving behavior of tires. As a result, technical thresholds for drifting tires are very strict and although tire consumption is very high, market demands are increasing continuously. The TEMPESTA ENZO drifting tire which was jointly developed by TTA and VITOUR has been widely praised by drivers, and the measured results have been continuously improved through innovative pattern, structural and formula design, as well as by conducting real life vehicle testing. The tire has achieved the world’s highest rating and has displayed outstanding performance at many events.

Innovative Technology:

V-shaped single direction pattern, which improves tire acceleration performance and increases drainage on wet roads;
Large-area of the shoulder block ensures increased lateral control stability;
Wide and continuous ribs in the center improve linear driving stability;
Increased ground contact area ensures ultimate grip performance of the tire.

Innovative Structural Design

The professional racing tire structure is continuously optimized through real life vehicle tests in order to deliver stability in high-speed curves and during extreme driving performance of the racing car to meet the driver's demands on handling and wet- grip performance.

Innovative Formula Design

A semi-hot-melt tread formula for professional drifting tires was developed using a targeted design method. The tread formula was then further optimized and perfected via actual vehicle testing feedback to meet the extreme driver requirements of the grip performance.

All Climate Tire


Comfort is one of its great advantages. The tire provides a stable handling in diverse weather conditions such as snow and rain, hence it is a multi-functional product that is suitable for use in all seasons, reducing the need of changing tires in winter.

Innovative Technology:
1. Bionic V-shaped pattern design improves tire wet grip performance.
2. Innovative (full SSBR + full Silica) tread formula has been incorporated to ensure grip performance of tire on wet, dry and snowy roads.
3. Multi-pitch blocks were optimized and reasonably distributed by aid of computer simulation to effectively reduce tire noise.

Ultra Silent Tire


Precise control, ultra-high performance, quiet movement

Innovative Technology:

1. Design of large block in the middle:

  • Larger pattern block design increases rigidity, and prevents deforming in high heat and under high load. At the same time it increases the control response;
  • Tire footprint was optimized via computer simulations to ensure that the tire delivers precise maneuverability;
  • Rib-shaped center block design improves the stability during high-speed straight driving and effectively guarantees safety;

2. New sports tread formula design:

  • New sports silica formula system improves wet and dry grip and handling performance of the tire;

3.Multi-composite stiffeners and geometric chamfer design:

  • Geometrical edge design of the groove wall and the edge of the steel sheet prevents the curling effect of the block during braking effectively increasing the ground contact area;

4.Groove side design:

  • Asymmetric design of both sides of the longitudinal groove wall is more prominent and visually pleasing;
  • 3D groove design effectively prevents stones from becoming entrapped during driving and improves the safety performance in wet conditions.

5.Computer simulation to optimize tire noise:

  • Analyze and optimize tire noise through advanced computer simulation technology to effectively reduce driving noise thus providing a quiet driving experience.
  • Utilize silent cotton inside the tire, which greatly decreases cavity noise and improves the noise level inside the car.

Electric Car Tire


The large-diameter and narrow-tread tire specification 125/80R16 increases energy-savings resulting in a more environmentally friendly tire.

Innovative Technology:

1.Two wide longitudinal grooves ensure sufficient drainage performance.
2.Leaf-like bionic design highlights concept of energy saving and environmental protection.
3.Optimization of tire design and noise reduction through advanced noise analysis software.
4.Environmentally friendly energy-saving formula improves tire grip and decreases fuel consumption.
5.Specialized lateral groove design decreases noise and delivers low rolling resistance.
6.The 3D longitudinal groove design improves the rigidity of the block and improves the wetland performance after tire wear.